Sunday 6 March 2011

Filming at North Wales PT 2

On the third day we headed for the Great orme as it was a sunny and calm very much like a summers day we headed to an area where there is a cafe and on the headland of the orme so I know its a great place to look for Dolphins and Porpoises but you need a high zoom camcorder or binoculars to spots them and the sea was calm giving great conditions for a day of marine mammal spotting and the thing we were looking for was groups of sea birds feeding in large groups.
 Our luck was in from the west came a group of 8-12 porpoises feeding and in came the birds to take advantage of the fish being chased to the surface by the Porpoises we managed to get some video and photos from a distance of them on the surface but when I go in the summer I will be trying to get closer footage from a boat or at Angel bay when they have been spotted as well as Basking sharks.
We also filmed many other birds that are very active in the area including choughs and Ravens with there loud rumbling calls that echo across the ormes.
From the pier we filmed Redshank and Oystercatchers which are normally really hard birds to get closed to as they are both very nervous birds but they seemed to be unaware of our presence as they searched for food as the tide went out. 
Overall It was a great trip and I cannot wait to return in April and 
who knows what we will film and photograph as spring will really be in full motion.

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