Wednesday 13 October 2010

Water rails calling at Croxton flashes

  I went for an evening walk today by Croxton flashes and got talking to a fisherman from Oldham who night fishes for carp at the flashes. I was told that he had seen Ravens, Hobbys, Perigrines , Little and barn owls feeding by the flashes and the most important piece of information was that otters feed on the canal when the river Dane floods.
  Also when we were talking from the reeds we heard loud screaming bird calls coming from the reeds in different areas meaning there was more than one when I got home I did abit of research and found that the call belonged to a water rail which is great as I had no idea they were even in the area another target on the list to film. 

I think I feel a project coming on maybe a floating camera trap feeding table hidden in the reeds over the winter when the search for food will bring them with no option but to take scraps.

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