Tuesday 5 October 2010

A new badger sett and mink sighting!!!!!!

I found a small woodland today which I will name Brock wood to keep the location secret which close to an area where otters have been known to pass through and in the woodland i found a large badger sett with lots of entrances and some great signs of activity including huge mounds of earth built up around the area and lots of fresh footprints.  
Another perfect area to camera trap sometime this month as the area where the sett is in the middle of the countryside away from any housing making this a perfect place to get some close up video and photographs of badger cubs playing around the sett as and hopefully I can be there in my camouflage hide to get some close up views as well as using some camera traps to get some HD night and day footage of them feeding in a larger group as I have only filmed a single badger feeding in the past.

Keep reading as I will have updates on the camera trapping of  Brock wood

My first badger which I filmed in Winter 2009

On my way back I spotted a Mink heading up the river Dane at about 3pm I think it was hunting in the grass that hangs over the river but when it spotted me it ran off under a bridge and into the undergrowth on the opposite bank.

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