Tuesday 14 September 2010

Filming the waders in Wales Day 2 A stormy day by the sea in North wales

After waking up to a wet and windy day we set off to the beach to try and get close to the sea birds colony's that gather on the beach at high tide. As we got close to the bird colony we stumbled across another large jellyfish so I took a snap of my brother next to the it.

Also on the beach we found 3 dead Guillemots littering the beach the cause of death was probably the strong winds and persistent heavy rain from the previous night.
Once we had got about about 10 metres away from the group of Gulls, Cormorants, Sandwich terns and Oystercatchers I managed to get a few shots of them before they left the area and went further down the beach.
Later that day I found a Guillimot that was resting from the rough seas on the tide line but it also seemed very docile as there were lots of dogs off there leads in the area I decided to direct it to the sea and it dived under the water and set back off out to sea to safety.

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