Friday 17 September 2010

Filming the sea birds in Wales Day 4 Petrels and a Manx shearwater

Another wet and windy day in North wales and lots of seas birds were getting blown into the beach at Prestatyn a manx shearwater was resting on the beach and I managed to get very close but the wind was so strong that my DSLR got so much sea spray on it that the lens would not focus!!!!. 
Later that day as high tide came in lots of Petrel's not sure if there Leach's or Storm petrel but they were getting blown in with about 80-90 birds and it was amazing to see them as there another first sighting for me and the way they fly on the sea by flying close to the waters surface and paddle on the waters surface while they flap there wings was just amazing but they are so fast and could not get a photo of the petrel when they were really close but I managed to get a photo of one from the side and a photograph of a petrel paddling on the seas surface.

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