Sunday 10 October 2021

A simple but wonderful walk in the Peak district

With Autumn upon us and the next stage of Nature taking on readying themselves for the blast of Winters cold with Jays and Squirrels burying nuts and myself buying new winter gear to keep me warm and comfy while out hiking and enjoying being out on the water. Yesterday with the weather looking good we decided on heading up into the Peak district to do our regular 3 hour walk. We got the bus from the Cat and fiddle pub down to Macclesfield taking rests to enjoy the silence and breath in the fresh air and the views but as we arrived the mist rolled in bringing the true beauty of the area to life. The Red Grouse were on form with flighty passovers and lots of calling going on, I can't explain how desolate and wonderful the small area near Shining tor can be especially in a white where it feels like your in Alaska with all the pine trees and snow upto your waist.

After a little breather and some tasty pork pies that seemed to taste even nicer in the fresh cool air of the Peaks, just before we headed down hill we spotted a large flock of waders disturbed from the mist by the noisy Red Grouse, there must have been over 20 Golden Plover and to see my first in the Peaks was equally perfect as they disapeered in and out of the mist.

I could not be sure but a blacker grouse shaped bird flew past me but could not be sure as it was so fast and as they blend in so well to the thick vegetation was it a Black Grouse or not I can't be 100% positive but would be great if it was after a bit of internet searches it be possible taht there around in small numbers. The one thing that was wonderful to see was a male Sparrow Hawk perched on a farmers fence post looking down onto Lamaload reservoir and for me one of the best views in the area.

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