Sunday 7 April 2019

April Anglesey trip 1 of 2

Ah, at last, the clocks have changed and I have just had my first week this season out on the coast. We had our first 3 nights booked in an Airbnb as we were unsure what the weather had given.
Craig Fach Great view in the heart of Menai Bridge
 We got lucky as we spent the afternoon before checking in and restocking on one of my hidden Wild camping stashes and Thankfully the place I had chosen is undisturbed as we dropped off a few hammocks for later in the year as they will be perfect for the drier summer months. After spending our first night in the cottage we had planned to get the bus to Llangefni the next day. We planned to walk from Llangefni-Maltraeth-Newborough forest-Newborough beach-Church Island then back through the edge of the forest with a long countryside walk back to Menai bridge where we stayed.
Just a 25 mile walk through beautiful surrounding and a few places to explore in the future
We saw over 50+ Mute swans in one field along the walk to Maltraeth which pleased my brother
Just how I like it a fresh cool breeze, sun in the sky and endless pathways
Near the end of the line at Maltraeth
Fresh blossom decorated the trees as spring was just sprouting with each step we walked
The air around the forest must be fresh from pollution due to all the lichen on the trees
We did not really have time to stop as there were no buses we will probably revisit the forest and beach in June as I have 2 weeks of holiday time booked. I'd love to photograph the Red Squirrels and Adders in the area we may take our hammocks and find a quiet spot for a couple of nights wild camping as its the best way to capture some amazing photographs and footage.We returned to our Airbnb physically knackered but mentally strengthened, the next day we planned to stay close and energize our bodies. We enjoyed a nice sunrise on straits and found an area for photographing Red Squirrels by the Menai straits close to the Cemetary which was less than five minutes from the cottage.
The next day we planned to visit South stack as I have never been and want to visit in June due to a regular rare visitor that I may see from the top of viewing point near the RSPB tower.
Stay wild be free and enjoy the Season to come


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