Wednesday 19 April 2017

One wonderful Easter Sunday from Dawn to dusk

While most people were tucked up in there beds early on Easter Sunday morning I was out enjoying the peace and the possibility of some wild encounters on my local patch. A few weeks ago I walked into a young Otter down on the local river catching it's breakfast before it saw me and disappeared off upriver leaving only prints on the muddy banks.
My wild encounters started when 2 Badgers ran into me and continued to chase each other into some bushes when I watched them have a roll around in the undergrowth with plenty of calling before returning to there sett at first light.
I continued on across some scrub land where I heard a Grasshopper Warbler and saw some Blackcaps gathering nesting material for there newly built creation in a bramble patch. The smell of the Hawthorn blossom in the fresh morning air was beautiful and combined with a sighting and the smell of a Fox made quite the spring aroma
Swans patrolling the canal
Sheep having lambs is wonderful to see at this time of the year
Grebes mating on the canal
A Coot searches for nest material under the surface
I thought I had stumbled into the Otter again but it turned out to be a Mink as the sun rose
A stunning sunrise along the canal
Canada Geese back in the warm sunlight
Sunrise over the picnic benches
When the sunrises under this bridge the light is so warm and refreshing
Lots more to come in the next few weeks as I'm off to Wales for a week!!!!

Stay wild and thanks for reading


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