Saturday 21 June 2014

Return to the meadow

On Tuesday I returned to the meadow to try and find more Butterflies and when I arrived it was warm and sunny but after an hour the sky turned dark blue and it began to rain but luckily I got a few shots before it got too dark.
While on the way to the meadow a fledgeling White-throat flew into me and bounced onto the floor unharmed so I picked it up and placed it in the tree so it would be off the ground as there is a few feral black cats near the meadow. I decided not to photograph the White-throat as it was very flighty and thought it best to release asap due to it's parents singing close by.
A lovely Giant Daisy against a dark sky and different shades of green vegetation in the background
 Drinker moth Caterpillars were all over a country path next to the meadow and a few had been stepped on or cycled over so we collected the few we could find and took them away from the path into some thicker vegetation to give them a chance.
 Large Skipper with a few Red ants below
 There are 2 Skippers which are very similar and these are Small Skipper and the Essex Skipper you can tell the difference by looking at the antennae and if it's black it's an Essex and if it's all Orange it's a Small Skipper.
I photographed another pair of Common Blues on a piece of metal sticking out from the ground. To get the 2 colors I got my brother to stand with his blue T-shirt behind the female and behind the male I used the green vegetation to get the green color to separate both sexes.
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