Thursday 29 May 2014

Stormy but stunning end to the day

On my way back from a quick walk down the canal for abit of fresh air the weather suddenly changed from strong winds, black sky and a few bolts of lightening but unexpectedly a rainbow at 8.45pm. As the rain started to fall the rainbow became a double rainbow and got more stunning as the storm came closer. My local canal looks beautiful anyway with all the summer greenery but the rainbow just added that extra bit of beauty and color
I thought it would look great as a panorama and I was wright but think I went to high and wished I had more of the canal in the center. If I had got more canal in the center of the panorama I would have lost the rainbow but as that was the main part I wanted in the photograph I think I made the wright decision.
The Storm approaches just before I left at last light
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Tiny bit of rainbow missing but I still like it :-) it just needs a boat heading towards me

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