Saturday 21 December 2013

Not much time for blogging :-( but bring on 2014

With Christmas coming in fast and working 2 jobs plus doing some jobs on the boat I am not finding much time for wildlife activities as the weather has been awful. All my wild spots are wet and damp and after a while is can make you ill and this week it caught up with me. I am now feeling better and with thoughts of plans for the last weeks of 2013 and exciting things coming in 2014 with fellow wildlife watching friends such as Eve at
 I hope to push my photography and kayaking to new levels next year and to get as many wild encounters as possible.
The only places I have had time to get to has been my kayaking spot where I have found a Badger sett which will be good in the summer months and the Swan meeting point and below are a couple of photographs from this afternoon when I felt better.
Splashing Swan
 Leader of the pack

Merry Christmas


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