Thursday 26 December 2013

A visit from Santa Paws but not the presents I wanted

I hope all my blog followers had a fantastic Christmas as I did and with 5 days off I have lots planned as with the new year around the corner I have alot to complete. Upon realizing that it would be pointless visiting any of my local places in public spots due to the festive walkers being out in force and after a while its gets abit annoying as everything gets scared off. So I decided to stick to the deeper countryside and on visiting one of my hides I made a discovery and I had found a furry creature of some type had been in through the floorboards and left some little presents behind. There is only thin cracks in the floor and there were bits of straw and there was no animal in there so it must have got in a small gap and got out the same way. I cannot reveal the hides location or habitat as it would put my hide at risk and in the past idiots have destroyed and stolen from the hides meaning that all the work I would have done would have been for nothing and this hide is a special one and a very unique project that will deliver some exciting footage in time.
Little Presents and in a variety of colors
 I am thinking it's a member of the mustilid family and in the frame are these 4 mammals Mink, Weasel, Stoat or possibly Polecat and if I am lucky I will know soon. I will be putting a Camera trap in to see what I can film over the next few weeks to see if I can find who has been visiting from under the floorboards but one things for sure these presents were not from Santa ;-).



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