Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Very nice beggining to the weekend and Spring finally gets going!!!

Sorry for not posting much last week as I have been busy with the biz side of life so I will begin with my recent outings. After a run of horrible weekends for personal related reasons and I am happy to say the past weekend has been the best I have had for a while so to say I am feeling pretty good is an understatement so my perfect weekend begins below....
My perfect weekend began on Friday afternoon meeting up with a fellow Outdoor/Nature lover Eve who's wonderful blog can be found at http://wildwatcher.blogspot.co.uk and the plan was that we arranged to meet on my local patch so I could show her a few of my wild places and some of the conservation work I have been doing. It was a really nice afternoon in the sun showing Eve my secret sites that I only take people I trust and even though it was abit breezy and there was not much around it was a good walk putting the world to rights. As the Season is so mixed up currently it's hardly surprising that it was so quiet and 
hopefully I think that's all about to change.
After our walk Eve returned to her local patch on the Wirral and saw a Male Hen Harrier and while Eve was watching that i was photographing Waterrail I guess she wins that round ;-)
The Grebes were also around and with the light being so good the female looked as if she was happy to finally see the sun. There new nest position is looking the best yet and with all the dry weather and low water levels it has given them a head start of building a solid nest base before the rain returns.
A great start to the weekend which just got better with more sightings and photographs plus I had some secret projects to work on, which will be never mentioned on here to protect the wildlife and habitats.

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  1. Oh that MHH - still have the image of that bird in my head! a stunning bird he was :)

    Water Rail, a very nice sighting, only seen one once this year near my patch!