Saturday 27 April 2013

Filming Swans underwater and an idea for filming Dippers

I had planned on this trip to film the Swans underwater so I had my underwater housing ready to go and a bag of oats which should sink and allow me to film them filter feeding on he bottom of the pool.
Feeding Frenzy when all the birds rushed in and stirred up the sand

Brother Ryan operating the Gopro underwater camera

The clarity of the water was perfect for underwater filming
 This swan lost his head and kept bumping into my camera
 Thinking outside the box
 Area we filmed at
Stunning blue sky
 Underwater shots taken on the Gopro
Footage coming soon and while filming underwater I had an idea for filming another semi aquatic bird.
Underwater Dipper filming with a Gopro camera test
I will explain more in a future blog how I intend to film/photograph a Dipper underwater.

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  1. That`s really cool how you & your brother filmed underwater! My favorite photo,tho,is the first one,I just love it,thanks for sharing,phyllis

  2. Thank you, hopefully more very soon.

  3. Nice shots. Video housings are the answer to the biggest hurdle in underwater shooting. Their main purpose is to protect your camera from various threats that may hinder you from getting the most of your underwater shots.