Wednesday 20 June 2012

Sea kayaking at last!!!!

On my ten day filming/holiday trip at North Wales we decided to take all our kayaking gear with us to finally do something I have always wanted to do and that was kayak on the sea especially on the coast of North wales due to the sudden arrival of an amazing amount of sea mammals from Seals, Dolphins, Porpoises and now even Basking sharks so just the thought of kayaking on the sea and the chance of something amazing happening is to much to resist.
 A stormy day - no good for kayaking
We managed to get out once during the week and that was at sunrise at about 5.30am but the sea was calm the sky was clear and a slight breeze blew over the waves. I was slightly nervous at first but once past the breaking waves I was overjoyed and it felt so natural being on the waves and so we set off to a special place which is staying a secret and I got some wonderful views and shots of sea birdsfrom my kayak and when your bobbing up and down its quite tricky to focus.
Setting up ready to get on the sea.
Sandwich Terns dived around us for sand eels as they feed around the bay of Llandudno but tough to film or photograph due to the speed of there flight and diving was just captivating to watch.
Here's a few photographs I managed to get 
 Guillimots on the sea getting ready for a days fishing by preening and forming into small group it was amazing to get so close to a bird I have only seem from sea cliffs high above them.
My brother Ryan said he saw a Puffin fly past but I cannot confirm due tolooking the other way.
Kitiwakes in there hundereds nesting on cliff edges.
No birds were disturbed as we left 5 minutes after arriving I hope 
to go back in 2 weeks to film them from my kayak. 

More on the trip next time

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