Saturday 23 June 2012

A new bird on my local patch!!!!

Today I went out for an early morning kayaking session at my local flash to check a few things like check my natural Ivy fence for an Otter project I am working on as well see what the local wildlife was up to. 
The Grebes were all safe and a few Toads were under my reed bed hide and that's a strange thing as I had no idea there were toads in the canal and thinking about it this part of the flashes seems perfect due to the shallow edges and duck weed to hide from predators.
The best sighting was perched on a dead tree that looks over the reed beds and as I could only see its silhouette due to the low light before sunrise. 
I could not be sure so i got this photo to ask the experts and confirm it for me as it could mean they have been laying in other birds nest which means more cuckoos on my local patch.
I Tweeted the local RSPB group and they confirmed it to be a cuckoo and a new bird for me and for my local patch. I am hoping the bird will return to the perch sooner or later so i will check back tomorrow at the same time to see if the cuckoo roosts there at night so I can get closer and film it when it gets light enough.

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