Thursday 9 February 2012

Abit of a moan - Snow and ice delaying some projects

After a week of cold and icy weather its started to delay my projects from Putting up Owl boxes on tall trees but as the trunks are wet and slippery the ladder keeps slipping off the tree so I will have to wait until warmer weather or at least a dry spell.
I can't get to Otters pass to plant any Ivy as the ice has thickened to at least 10cm thick and not even my kayak can smash through that. 
I was hoping to kayak across to my childhood woodland today but due to heavy rain and the snow and ice melting in the hills the river has risen making it impossible to paddle up river.
My local flashes - Iced up

My local flashes - Normal
 As you can see it looks very different with the snow and ice the scary thing is you can't tell where the land ends and where the water begins.
I can't wait for the weather to warm up and the signs of spring will begin to show as it seems all the signs of spring before all this winter weather have been erased lots of bulbs, and nettles that were coming up have been killed off due to the fast drop into temperature.
One job I can do is fit a AV wire from the Badger sett to my observation post so when I am waiting to film the Badgers on the summer afternoons I don't have to spend all my time sitting at the sett and I can film the feeding station and the pond while watching my portable monitor.

Hopefully things will be back to normal next week as I have alot to do before my week filming in Wales so no matter how bad the weather is the jobs will have to get done.

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