Tuesday 24 January 2012

A new area on my Local patch - Dane Reservoir!!!

On Sunday morning I went to explore an area I have never explored before on my local patch and as a child I remember going to the area and that is very overgrown but not much else as I think we got scared off and did not get the chance to have a proper look around.
On my way round I got few shots of the sunrise down by the river as we walked past the Fox area on the way to the reservoir area.
The reservoir is fenced off and you cannot access it but you can easily film through the fence and I thought that this would be perfect for water birds that are abit shier and like the quietness of the calm water that is out of the wind. There were a few Mute Swans over the far side and a bird not seen very often around Middlewich which is the Tufted ducks and Goldeneyes which soon left when the engineer came to service the pump that filters the water.
In the photo below you cannot see the shallow water at the end of the pool where there is alot of duck weed that would provide plenty of food for ducks and water fowl so I will be checking here every so often looking for some rarity's and may even camp close by over the summer as the area is very quiet and wild plus a hell of a trek to get to and looks like a great site for filming Owls.
I found some other gems nearby that will be posted soon and it is at the area where I filmed the Fox marking its territory and the other day I put a Woodpecker box up on tree where I saw a Green Woodpecker land several times in one week and in Middlewich we don't see them very often and this is my first I have ever seen and to see it on my local patch was great.
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  1. Hi Mike I have just had a look at the area on Google maps.. the reservoir is just off King Street?
    I never new it was there.. will have a llok over the next couple of weeks..
    Take care.

  2. Yes thats correct the only thing is access is pretty dificult as the farmland nearby is private land and only accesible to fishing club members. But you can easily climb over the gate walk under the railway track then turn right down a path until a path goes left then follow to the gate you don't have quite the same view but you can see most of the water, the whole area is fenced off and as we plan to kayak across the river when we camp there over the summer for filming overnight as there is brambles all around blocking access to the best view point just let me know when your going so I can get you to the best spot and show you a few other great things nearby.