Saturday 14 January 2012

A frosty morning walk by the river

Today I woke up abit early due to there being a frost and the sky was clear and the sun was rising with a stunning orange glow so I wanted to get out by the river to see what was out and about. After deciding which part of the river Dane I wanted to have a walk by I packed up my gear and set off to an area where I first began my interest in wildlife and where I took my first photograph of a Kingfisher diving up out of the water as well as perching on a telephone wire.
I also used to fish and swim on this stretch of the river when I was a kid so I have many fond memories of the area. After dodging a Great Dane that sprang out of know where I began scanning the river banks and enjoying the rising sun that lit up the sky with an even brighter Orange colour.
I noticed many Pheasants in the tops trees and one Pheasants seemed to have thought that it could hide in some dry grasses but I don't think it quite got the right idea of how to hide from predators as the photo below shows I thought it was quite funny how it turned around to see what the flash was about.
The reason why these Pheasants were hiding was revealed around the next bend and it was a Fox on the opposite bank scent marking and sniffing in the undergrowth I tried to get my camera out but it heard my back pack hit the ground so it shot off up a hill and disappeared within seconds this is great as it may have a den nearby I will return tomorrow around the same time to see if its around again this time with camera/camcorder already to get a photo and footage.

The area where the Fox was hunting is inaccessible by walking so I may use my kayak and sale over to see if I can find the den so I can film them more closely.

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  1. Wonderful captures of the Kingfisher Mike..

  2. Thanks Andrew I have never got so close since that time a few years ago.