Wednesday 19 October 2011

Tatton Deer park -Footage and screen caps

After returning home from filming the Deers at Tatton park I watched the footage we captured and there was some great stuff from smaller Stags waiting to take the opportunity to challenge the Stag with all the hinds down on the grassland areas and the contender below was in no rush to challenge the king of the hill anytime soon but every so often he would get up to show the younger stags who's boss.
Over the hill next to the group of Stags we found a huge group of hinds with a very large male who began mating with his hinds and one younger hind tried to mount the Stag which really did not seem to bother him.
We also filmed a rival male challenging the Stag above for his harem of hinds but he soon saw the rival off but no antlers were locked the only dueling we saw was two younger males facing off at the edge of a larger males patch I think they must have been practising. 
This male Fallow Deer was very surprised and shot off into cover with a group pf hinds as we headed out from a woodland on the way back to the car which was a fitting end to the day. 
Since visiting Tatton park and seeing the Deer in a natural environment where they are behind fences and blocked in by cattle grids so its amazing to see them act so wild and still have a fear of man when the park must get so many visitors how they stay like this really surprises me and now even more than before I respect the speed and power of these beautiful animals that are really at home in the Cheshire countryside.

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  1. Lovely to see them Mike..
    A great series of images.

  2. Glad to see you got down there I want to try and find some antlers if possible.