Saturday 17 September 2011

Tales from North Wales September trip - Corvids and Jam tarts

  Due to being stuck inside due to heavy rain I thought I would begin my North Wales posts with a morning we spent photographing Corvids at Llandudno, North Wales they were mainly Rooks and a few Crows on a small area of grassland next to the sea and as I had some Lemon tarts in my bag that I did not have any desire to eat and after being squashed in my kit bag for a few days I thought the Rooks seemed like they would appreciate a free meal and I thought it might be an opportunity to get some great flight and landing shots of them with the sea in the background and after 5mins there were a few in front of us and we sat down on a bench and waited for the perfect moment to get some great shots, as it was a cloudy day and lacking in sunlight we tried for an hour and got lots of photographs before it began to rain so we set off to the Great orme to shelter and do some marine mammal spotting from the headland and I must say we got some great views which will be in the next post.
Missed it by that much
We got alot more shots of the Rooks feeding and gliding by in front of the sea but I will save those for another time or future blog post when things get a little quiet.

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