Sunday, 25 September 2011

Badgers - 0 / Hedgehogs-1 A great result

 As I was not successful on the first night of filming the Hedgehog due to it not being able to find the ramp up to the raised platform. 
So on the second night at about 10.30pm exactly the same time as Friday night the Hedgie showed up and went straight up the ramp below is a screen grab taken from the footage that i recorded onto my Sony mini dv recorder so its not the best quality photo but it shows the shot I wanted to get and as it only took 2 nights I am ecstatic about it. I will be probably save the main footage for DOACWW episode 1 but i had another camera filming the setup from the side so I will upload that sometime this week.
With regards to the Brock Meadow Badger sett none showed but as we have only just began working at this sett it may take a while to film them so I will try later this week as its given a dry week so maybe if they struggle to find worms a little peanuts may bring them out. On the way back through the dark forest and back into the meadow we did hear an Barn Owl nearby calling so it confirms that my idea of putting up an Owl box up nearby with a camera in to try and film them in 2012.
My brother watching the Mini dv camera view that faces the Sett
 Screen grab from the new sett
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