Sunday 19 June 2011

Dippers and Dyserth falls surprises

 One place I wanted to checkout that I have driven past many times is Dyserth waterfall but I was not going to see the waterfall as we had heard about dippers being in the area but on the way my brother spotted some spraint on a few rocks on the river that flows from the waterfall which is great to see so I am going to try and setup something in the area up and hopefully I might beable to find a holiday property to rent that backs onto the river Ffyddion  so I can film the Otters close to the falls as the special thing about these Otters where they journey from and to as the river flows down into the river Clwyd that flows into the sea.
 After arriving at the waterfall we went all the way to the top of the area where the waterfall flows from and we found  an area  to climb down the river and walked through to the opposite side to an area where Dippers would feed in the shallow fast water for Insect larvae and freshwater shrimps.
After a few hours of nothing one flew past and landed in the river dived and the flew to the drop where the waterfall flows down. Unfortionately my DSLR was not working properly so heres a shot my brother got, in the end I did not get any footage or a photograph for myself so I will be back there in July/September to try and get footage of the fledglings and a photograph of the adult if all goes as planned.
A great day on a beautiful river but on the next day we were moving to a different caravan for a week about 21.12 miles away from this area of North Wales to Llandudno to film some footage for Wild ormes of the North and it was amazing to film a Fox family in such beautiful surroundings and as I had a Bushnell with me I decided to camera trap the orme for a few nights as we were staying about 5 minutes away so i would not be too far away to collect them. 
Read more about the Foxy goings on my week filming on the Little orme.

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