Friday 20 May 2011

Kayaking around the flashes

It turned out to be a nice day today with no wind and a clear blue sky so me and my brother packed up our kayaks and decided have sale and a look around the flashes. We found a coot nest very close to the edge of the reed beds and as I had my DSLR in my boat just in case I spotted something special or had an encounter with a Otter due to a suspected sighting by a local boater. As I got closer the coot backed off and gave me the opportunity to see if there were young or eggs in the nest but there was nothing so i left the pair in peace and they returned to the nest unbothered by me checking the nest out so I will keep an eye on the flashes Coot family and hopefully I can find a way to get my Pro camcorder in my kayak to film the family from the water it should be great to become part of there world and hopefully I can camo up and see what else comes close if I can make myself invisible on the water.

Ryan in his kayak just before we heard a leak in his kayak but luckily we made it back to the bank without an incident or getting wet. I did not dare let him take a photograph of me in my kayak due to his clumsy nature and the thought of my camera at the bottom of the canal.
I should be kayaking the flashes again soon with a few more projects getting setup in the area and I will post about them next week.

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