Sunday 1 May 2011

On the trail of the fox accidentally

After setting up the camera traps at Brock wood last night I decided to get up at 5.15am just before sunrise so I could get them before its gets light enough for anybody to discover the cameras. As we got close to the wood I spotted a Fox heading right towards us so we got right close to the ground and luckily we had our DSLRs with us and as I pressed the trigger the fox turned around bolted across the river and into the woodland it looked life an old Fox due to its red faded back that has turned grey and its tail was very bare not sure if its mange or just not grown back yet after shedding its winter coat but although its abit of a scruffy fox its the second one I have seen in the area so hopefully there a pair and they should have cubs some where nearby.
We also spotted a large Brown Hare in the area a few days ago but it took off into some hedgerows bordering a farmers field but I did manage to get a far shot of it as it ran off.
I got some great footage of the Badgers and I will post some of my favourite clips from the evenings filming recorded on the Bushnell 2011 and a Prowler Hd tomorrow.

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