Saturday, 28 May 2011

A fleeing Fox and my next filming trip to North Wales

I went for a short walk to an area of scrub land today to see if the Badgers were about and it turned out that the Badgers were not in the mood to come out of the sett due to a cold breeze that was blowing onto the sett area but I got one photograph of them feeding down the hole not sure if this is the blind member of the group but I am thinking possibly an older female with one damaged eye.
Unfortunately a nettle had blocked part of the hole so I could not get a clear shot so I decided to leave them in peace with a few extra nuts around the sett.
After leaving the sett I saw a female Fox scent marking up and down a Field below the sett and it did not seem to be the same fox I saw a few weeks ago in the area leading to believe there is about 3-4 Adults in the area but still no sign of cubs or young foxes in the area.
Just a quick mention to say I am filming in North Wales for a week or two and I hope to get alot of fantastic footage of the wildlife and landscape for Wild Ormes of the North my main targets are Little Terns, nesting waders as well as Puffins, Gannets and if all goes well Dolphins and Porpoises and as it looks like the warmer weather is on its way it definitely looks good for calm seas meaning great sea watching conditions. I probably will visit welsh mountain zoo to boost my mammal photographs as they have a few British species including Polecats, Red squirrels, Otters, Fallow deer, Pine martins but one thing I cannot wait to see is the Snow leopards that successfully had cubs in 2009!!!!!!!.

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