Saturday, 23 April 2011

April North Wales trip in review PT2 OF 3

 As we had a few places to checkout and had not even been to the great orme at Llandudno yet we set off at 6.45 from the bus station arriving by the Orme at about 7.45 after some breakfast we set off but all of a sudden the rain clouds came in from over the sea and the wind began to blow but luckily we found our way up into a cave which led onto the a small woodland with a garden area I think its called Happy valley and we settled by a pond under a conifer which is one of the best places to shelter from the rain due to there thick fern branches and if you look under most conifer trees you will see that the ground is mostly dry. As we waited out the rain we noticed alot of Toads mating and just swimming around as the rain hit the ponds surface so not all was a loss due to the weather as I got some great footage and photos.
Later that day we went to frith beach garden which was about 15mins from where we stayed as normally the area is guarded from the wind and when the Sunshine's its a great area to relax and see some wildlife and we spotted a Starling flying into a broken lamp post bulb and as I looked closer we noticed the nest material and the Starlings partner waited on top of the post to keep other Starlings away, I think it was very unusual to see a bird nesting in a clear bulb it must have a great view but I just hope that when its repaired that they wait till the birds have left.
The last post will cover the last few days filming on the North wales coast from the Turnstones, Hermit crab and a few of my favourite photos that I have not posted yet from the week.

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  1. We live on the Great Orme and although we love the wildlife I'm afriad we're not well versed enough to know when we have seen anything unusual! We do occasionally see dolphins or porpoises swimming round the Orme and also watch the foxes in the fields up here. As for where you could hire a boat I'm afraid I am at a loss although I would have thought that Conwy would be the best place to start as they have a harbour and Marina which we don't have here in Llandudno.