Sunday, 13 March 2011

Badger filming results-better luck next time!!!!

 I setup 3 camera traps at the garden where the Badgers visit and the owners put some food out that they put out most nights usually peanuts and cat biscuits and I had to guess the angles due to not really knowing the best positions to get the best footage.
I also got some more information about an abandoned Badger sett about 2 minutes from my house and a new Badger family had moved in so I will be checking out that sett this week some time and is in a great habitat of an Orchard.
I left the garden after setting up the cameras and the owner baited at about 6pm and after returning this morning to collect the cameras we got abit of footage for the first attempt so I will post some of the footage and photographs below as only 1 of the 3 cameras recorded Badger activity and one had too much IR so I will take what we have learnt and get wide views of the Badger activity in the garden next weekend fingers crossed.
 One of the Badgers seemed to have abit of a limp either it has been injured crossing the road, a thorn in its foot or just old age I Will have to do some filming at Brock wood as I have never seen this individual with an injured leg so its either happened recently or an old injury but it should help me to confirm they are from the same sett if I can film this easily identifiable Badger.
Video caps from the other 2 cameras

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