Wednesday 16 March 2011

Badger filming plan attempt 2

  Hopefully this weekend I am having another go at filming Badgers at a friends garden this weekend see previous post for all information. I am using a 3 camera setup and and I have done a map plan to show where the food is located where the Badgers enter and leave the garden as well as where I will be locating the cameras to get the best coverage of the garden and the Badgers as they feed and explore the garden.

As my first attempt failed and I only got a small amount of footage due to guessing where the best places to put the cameras hopefully by planning and asking the owners advice on where to put the cameras, we should get some great action closeups of Badgers in a country garden. On the following night after filming in the garden I will be filming them leaving there sett in a woodland close to the garden adding more footage to there journey from the safety of being underground across streams, roads and across fields until they reached the garden where the kind owners have created a perfect place for wildlife to rest and feed. Once I have got the shots from the garden I will be trying to film the group crossing the stream that has quite high banks but some how they manage to climb up and mark there territory on the opposite side it will be a great peice of footage if I can get it.

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