Saturday 19 February 2011

Weekend update - Evening walk / Badger footage / A place for Nature

After a day of editing video I have just got back from Camera trapping a new location to see if I can get some footage of Badgers, Weasels, Foxes and possibly Otters that pass through a copse near a river. 
As I arrived there were 20-30 Pheasants which we disturbed and before they were perched in the trees this is a great sign as it means there could be a Fox in the area and we also found leftovers from bird kill so fingers crossed. We also spotted a pair Goosanders down on the river hunting fish and the female had one in her beak I think I will get a hide down here this week for a few hours before dark to see what turns up But the jewel in the crown of the evening was a Barn owl which came very close and flew around for a few minutes then disappeared into a small area of trees another reason to film in the area this week but what a shame that the sky was grey and cloudy as this would having been a stunning view of a Barn owl in flight with the bright orange light of sunset creating a beautiful silhouette.
 I managed to get alot of footage from filming at Brock wood with two camera traps the only problem was that the Badgers as usual tend to feed just off screen that's the only problem with using remote cameras that you are not there to make sure you are filming everything that goes on and you can miss some great behaviour. With the footage I have got from the two cameras I have made a short video all I need to do is to pick some music and narrate so it should be done by tomorrow afternoon. 
I will be checking all the Otter sprainting spots tomorrow and retrieving the cameras on the way so it should be another day of video editing and alot of walking in the countryside lets hope the weather improves.
Tomorrow I will be reveiling an idea that I have had for a while and it involves conservation at a place that is close to my heart and the idea would really help out some fantastic wildlife that is really struggling.
Below is a clue to what I have in mind.
Thankyou for reading
Regards Mike

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