Tuesday 7 December 2010

Visiting a bird feeding station at Marbury park

As I had the day off today and it was a fine bright but frosty morning I decided to go and have a look around Marbury park which is a large area of countryside with meres, woodlands, streams and farmland the park is near a town that is a few miles down the road from where I live but I have never found the time to really explore the area.
I have been following a birding blogger whos local patch is the area in question and I was not disapointed with what I photographed at one of the bird feeding areas with also has a hide built around so you can get some great close-up shots of lots of birds feeding on bird tables and peanuts feeders.
Below I have posted some of my favourite shots from the morning at one of the 2 bird hides at the Marbury park part as there are other hides around smaller meres around the countryside area.
I hope to return tomorrow if the weathers okay and if the light is good to get some slow motion footage of the birds feeding and having there little disagreements on the peanut feeders.

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  1. Great pics Mike, I love watching the different birds interacting, one of my fav past-times!
    Thanks for commenting on my "Silly" birds!