Tuesday, 2 November 2010

IR camcorder setup for filming Badgers

   After realizing that I needed a kit to film the badgers from a distance at Brock wood at night time. I came up with the idea of usuing a Sony Handycam camcorder which has a great mode built in called Nightshot plus which allows the camera to see in the dark using a small built in IR light but when zoomed the darkness could probly not penetrate using the small built in IR light. So i decided to that I could add a larger IR illuminator powered by a seperate battery to the setup then both the IR and the camcorder will be attached to a tripod bar so that there is no need to hold the kit to film.
So I will buy the pieces for the setup and begin testing before I go to the wood to film the badgers at the sett on the dark winter nights.

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