Sunday 3 October 2010

Testing the IR4 in the field

At the weekend I went to test the IR4 camera trap on my local river the Dane in a secret location. As I had only used peanuts and chicken as bait by the river before I decided to try chicken and red salmon which should attract any British mammal that feeds on meat. I set the camera trap in an area where there seems to be lots of mammal activity after dark as I found a few footprints from mink, foxes and badgers. 

On Sunday morning I went to retrieve the camera trap and I was pleased with what I had captured and after clicking each video from 1-38 I had about 8x 30 second videos of mink and the rest were 2 mice feeding on the chicken and dodging the mink. It may only be a mink but this shows me that the river is going from strength to strength and returning to its former glory after a pollution incident a few years ago.

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