Friday 1 October 2010

Lost land of the Tiger and Bushnell camera traps !!!!

 After watching the amazing and inspirational BBC wildlife documentary Lost land of the Tiger which was filmed in the kingdom of Bhutan which was about a group of wildlife experts made from wildlife cameramen and camerawomen to animal trackers to conservationists and also big cat biologist Alan Rabinowitz who is a very inspirational man who has devoted his life after being diagnosed with incurable leukaemia to help find evidence of tigers in areas of the Himalayas to help create a route where tigers can move between territory's without coming into contact with the dangers of man which will help the save the beautiful tigers of the kingdom of Bhutan.
The Lost Land of the Tiger clips can be found at the BBC youtube link below

  In the documentaries wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan used Bushnell camera traps which can be left in remote areas for weeks at a time and are only activated by motion giving an opportunity to get fantastic video/photo evidence of wildlife that's in an area without causing disturbance or having to be there to press record.
The Bushnell camera traps capture high quality video and vary quality of photos can be captured on this miniature piece of high quality kit.

The Bushnell camera traps and many other models are available from my online shop the link can be found below.


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