Thursday 9 September 2010

Building a Tripod for my camera trap to film waders at north wales

With only a few days before I go to Wales to explore more areas of  Llandudno but my main task is to film the waders and migrant birds that are passing through the area. I was thinking of using a camera trap (IR4) to film the more shyer waders and little egrets close up that feed in the rock pools and clay areas of the beaches in Wales.

My main problem was where would I put the camera trap and what would I fasten it to as there are no tree trunks on the beach but there is a few wooden groynes down the beaches but they are on the edges of the feeding areas which makes them unusable. My idea was to make a small wooden tripod to fasten the camera trap onto and place it in the feeding areas and hope that the waders come close to the camera trap.
I find alot of scrap wood in the river dane usually after a flood and most of it becomes lodged in riverside trees, a few days ago I found a round fence post and abit of 2x4 which after abit of sanding looked like new. I used the wooden post for the base and the 2x4 as support legs to steady the tripod and hold the weight of the camera also I put a camera mount on top so I can add a camcorder, DSLR with remote or a cctv camera fed back to a mini dv recorder so I could watch a live view of what the camera trap was recording.

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