Friday 27 August 2010

Early morning walk and camera trapping a Wildlife corridor

I went out extra early today before the sun came up to film some promo footage and get some photos for my online series 
 "Diary's of a Cheshire wildlife watcher" 
which I am doing for abit of fun and to test my skills. I ended getting the shots I needed for the series intro as well as a very funny outtake for my ever growing collection. On my way back I ran into the sparrowhawk that hunts in the area so I will be setting up a chair hide close to the fence where it seems to always hunt from.
 Later in the afternoon I went to setup a camera trap at a wildlife corridor which separates the road from farmland and allows mammals to move from a small woodland where a small stream flows down to the river weelock to drink the species in the area are foxes, badgers , mice/rats, weasels and there was once a polecat spotted nearby but I cannot be sure if it was a 100% wild polecat or an escapee. The Videos will be posted on Monday if I have captured anything interesting.
Unfortionately I had to cancel due to heavy rain flooding the river

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