Monday 7 June 2010

Camera trap night 2 of 5 results and an early morning canal walk

Sticking with the project on the river I retrieved the camera trap for the 2nd time and the camera had 3 videos on it. Two of which were recorded between 4am and 5am in darkness guessing as first light. It was set off by a Magpie and then a Mayfly which shows how sensitive the Prowler HD is. The last one was recorded at 8pm the night before in daylight and it was a Magpie so still no luck.
I was getting a little down about not capturing anything exciting so Later that morning I packed up my camcorder and set off down the canal for a long relaxing walk. I ended up passing by the canal reed beds to search for the Reed warblers and Reed buntings. As I went passed a farmers field I noticed a brown bird that was calling in the long grass. I could not be sure if it was a young starling or a  Dunnock as its call seemed very different from both of the juvenile starling and Dunnock calls.
I later found out that this was a Grasshopper Warbler and there very difficult to see.
Adult Coot and its baby
The Heron gets its fish


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