Sunday, 10 February 2019

A cold night and some lovely wildlife on Anglesey

At last it was my first week off of the the year and as I am exploring Anglesey this year I have a number of places to visit. We visited Pentraeth and Red Wharf bay which was wonderful till we got out of the forest where dog walkers were aplenty but in the forest I felt at home and thought I could live in these woods for years. I saw no Red Squirrel or signs of Pinemartens but I will beback there in the Summer especially in the early hours as the first light breaks when most people and there dogs are asleep. I wanted to visit Newborough and Southstack but due to camping on a cold night on night before we were to due to visit our plans changed and our priority was to  get warm and sleep plus get breakfast then catch the bus back to our cottage for the check in time at midday. We ended up sleeping agaist a woodland rockface out of the wind and frost that was not mentioned in the weather report but we survived and walking from our camping spot back to bangor at 2.30am on a Sunday morning got our bodys back to normal temperature. I was hoping to see some nightime wildlife on the walk but we saw nothing just loads of Taxis back and forth.
Another place I wanted to visit was the Dingle which felt like fairy land mixed with an indiana Jones movie set with the wooden walk way over the rapid flowing water from the Cefni Reservoir.
I saw a pair of singing Dippers by the centre of Llangefni as I waited for my Bacon butty and chocolate cup cake to start the day off. One thing I love is when I am out back packing in new places is finding a new bakery and trying its tasty treats especially after camping out.
It began to rain heavily before we left and I managed a few photographs in the low light of the Tuftys
There were plenty of feeders dotted around
Brent Geese in Red Wharf bay
As our bags were packed knowing we were in the wild one night and the rest of the week in a cottage. I decided not to take my wild cooking gear. Luckily I setup my storage cache which is hidden in North Wales. I'll be leaving some extra items there for outdoor survival and cooking to keep my back pack weight down.
Spring is just around the courner and so is my next week off well not till April.

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