Monday 16 May 2016

Local patch Bird life and Springy things

Being quite a way into spring now it seems the birds are still holding back on breeding but we have alot of time left as it just beginning. I'm really loving the smells of all the flowering buds on the trees and plants especially first thing in the morning after abit of rain in the night makes it so stimulating to the senses. Back to the feathery subject now and as I have found a few good birds locally. On the edge of my local patch I found a pair of Kestrels nesting in a old barn Owl box, luckily there is a Hawthorn tree which is quite tight to the ground nearby which will provide a perfect if not spiky hide. I'll post some photographs soon as I will be observing them for a while before photographing as I love to appreciate Nature through my own eyes before looking at it through a lens.
My favorite thing to do at this time of year before work is to head off to a peaceful place to enjoy the birds singing as the sunrises into a clear blue sky. While out last week with my binoculars I got some lovely views of Whitethroats and Grasshopper warblers which seem to be every where on my local patch at the minute which I think is a first for here. Alot of the Mallard ducklings have disappeared from the local pond whether due to human interference or natural predators I can't say. I've seen an increase in distrustful individuals carrying air pistols in public places close to active Nature places. A quick reminder that with all the birds and mammals breeding please remember not every one loves and wants to protect Nature so if you see anything suspicious regarding wildlife then checkout my picture below.
New posts to come on bad weather days and as I'm on my holidays soon expect Welsh related posts :-)

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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