Thursday 28 April 2016

Slow arrival of Spring

With Spring being held back by the sudden arrival of cold winds and rain. I have been waiting for the sign of Toads breeding which has not taken place yet this year as when this begins it means the Otters will be feeding at a spot where I discovered them hunting Toads in the early mornings. It's lovely to see the reeds and plants growing back alot slower this year in my local countryside.
Misty sunrise at a local lake
 Bridge of light on my local canal at sunrise
The green slowly coming through
 Mallard and her Ducklings on the canal tow path
Back in my garden the Blackbirds first brood of chicks have just fledged from the hedgerow. They are now on there second brood with eggs laid a few weeks ago. The Robins have returned to there nest in the Ivy after there eggs were predated by Mice. They laid 5 eggs a week or two ago and hopefully this brood will make it to fledgling. To make sure the eggs are not predated this time we are keeping out the live mouse trap near to the nest which we will check daily so any more mice caught can be released in a local meadow.
We had a few dry days last week where I finally got to visit my Badger sett to see if I could see the cubs playing around the sett. We managed to see 2 Badgers but they were quite wary at being out in the early evening light. I'm hoping once the warmer and lighter mornings return I can get out more in my kayak on the river to get some low level shots of some of my favorite seasonal events.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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