Sunday 20 March 2016

Update on the Robin pair...

With Spring beginning and the beautiful lush green color returning to our countryside, I thought it was about time for a Spring update. One thing I need to update on is the unfortunate loss of our Robin eggs from the pair who were nesting in my garden. I am 100% positive that the eggs were eaten by the wood mice that have moved into my garden over the winter months. I have noticed that the other birds like the Blackbirds, Dunnock's and Robin have re nested in the nearby hedge at the bottom of my garden.
Due to the amount of babies the Wood Mice have had I think I need to live catch a few to reduce the population in my garden to give the nesting birds a chance. I'll take the ones I catch to local woodland or meadow where birds of prey and Owls hunt. By doing it this way it means the Mice don't get killed by a trap and possibly feed the chicks of a Barn Owl. If they survive they will breed and increase the rodent population in the countryside which will help out any birds or mammals that feed on them. Hopefully there's time for the Robins to reuse there old nest later in the season. I have also have put up 2 new nest boxes for the local Tits to use. I really do love this time of year I just wish some of these local wildlife poachers would disappear and let the birds and mammals breed in peace.
Next time I'll post about one of my latest biking encounters where I found a wading bird at sunset 
 Stay safe and protect Nature where and whenever you can

Cheers Mike

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