Wednesday 6 May 2015

A week by the sea

Last month I spent my time on the coast of North Wales at Llandudno to relax, film and photograph wildlife. I also wanted to do some swimming and snorkeling with my Easy breath mask and fins.
Unfortunately the sea never settled or cleared at the spot I have found where I can hopefully swim with a seal. We went to check on the area and there was Seal there waiting for me to enter the water into the under water forest of sea weed and kelp in the shallow meter deep waters of the Irish sea. I'm heading back there in June for a few weeks so I was not to disapointed with not getting in the water.
One of my favorite views
It was an amazing week as usual with some beautiful views and sightings which I'll go into over the next few weeks.
Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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