Wednesday 27 May 2015

A reason for the Otters appearance

After a few days of trying to figure out what the Otter was feeding on and finally I have found an answer. At first I think it may have been Fish, Freshwater Mussels, Water Birds but a walk the other evening revealed what I think the Otter was feeding on. While taking an sunset walk we spotted movement in the water as the light began to fade so I used my torch and the movement maker was revealed which was toads. As the canal has warmed up in the warm weather it has set off the Toads breeding season when they leave the safety of the reed beds in the area to begin there short breeding season.
Holding on for love
On my way back I heard a crunching in the reeds and a Moorhen alarm calling it turned out there was a pair of Foxes also having a snack on either Frogs' Toads or eggs in a birds nest.
It was a stunning moon on the evening that the Toads began there annual courtship
This smaller Toad seemed to be waiting for a mate to find him/her. I just hope I get to see the Otter again before the Toad breeding season ends.
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