Monday, 26 May 2014

Walk through a wet meadow in search of Kingfishers

On my way to see if the Kingfishers fledglings were still around I always walk through a lovely meadow with Buttercups and lots of wild flowers. While on my way back after not finding them I saw a Butterfly on a plant but I am unsure what it is, if any one knows then comment below....
As we've had alot of rain over the past few days I ended up getting soaked legs due to all the long grass and with no paths through the meadow so it was very uncomfortable. The Butterfly is a species I have never found on my local patch, so if you can enlighten me I would be very grateful

Thanks for reading



  1. It's a male Silver Studded Blue

  2. This is an interesting find! The silver-studded blue is a Priority Species. A check on RODIS reveals no other Cheshire records in the last 25 years. There are some reports in NE Wales from ten years ago and earlier. The species rarely flies more than 20 metres from its colony. If you have the location details, please take the time to record this find on RODIS via the RECORD website, or let me know! Thanks

  3. Thank you!! I have just done that. There was an area nearby and they have muck spreaded and ploughed 2 fields nearby which had wild flowers and they have never bothered with the land before due to it being industrial wasteland and no where near any farms.