Friday 2 November 2012

Camcorder is busted!!!!!!!!!

Unfortionately my camcorder is currently out of action as the tape deck is jammed so I cannot access or edit any of the footage filmed with it so my show reel has no chance of being completed. I have a price for the repair and it's about £300 for a repair so I have decided to leave until January 2013 as I can manage with my other cameras as the D5000 has good HD capture and my GOPRO has not been fully utilized this year yet so expect lots of time-lapse , POV footage and camera trap footage on any future blogs until I can raise the funds for repair of my main video camera.
But on the positive side the area that has been cut off by the canal repair has been given an official finish date and it is before the beginning of December so only a month away!!!
I want to be the first to get down the Towpath as it been blocked off for a while I am wondering what wildlife has decided to make the most of this and I am hoping for Munjac Deer/signs and to film them or find evidence of them on my local patch is a goal of mine.

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