Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday kayaking trip in the rain

I wanted to have a few hours on the river Yesterday and checkout my local reservoir even though it was raining all night and we got soaked in minutes even with wet gear on. Two bad bits of the morning was I got out of my kayak to check out an area only accessible by kayak up a steep bank as I was in a hurry I miss judged the depth and one wellie got filled with water but was easily sorted due to having a spare pair of socks in my kit and my brother got a small air leak on his kayak which was a nuisance but as it was a pin prick the craft was not to badly affected.
As its been a very cloudy and wet today with plenty of that rain the stuff that soaks you through, so I thought I would post warm and sunny photograph I captured during the warmer weatherto cheer this post up.
A Lacewing on a reed stem as the sun is setting after a perfect spring day
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