Tuesday 7 February 2012

Picking up my camera - a twist of fate

 Just a quick post today and I had a great end to last week as on Thursday I went to pick up my Camera trap from the mink hole but today across the river I spotted two people walking there dogs through a woodland and as I have never seen anyone there before I decided to say hello and introduce myself and tell them what I do regarding filming wildlife in the area. They were both very friendly and had the same love of the local wildlife of my town so from this conversation I gained access to the woodland but i would have to kayak there due to there being no other entrance to the woodland. The special thing about this woodland is that as a child when my interest in wildlife was growing I was a member of my schools wildlife club and I went there for a wildlife walk with the club and the owner gave us a tour and told us about the wildlife that he has seen. 
Over the years I have wanted to film there due to the Badgers, Buzzards, Sparrowhawks and the possibility of a Polecat being in the woodland so I could only imagine what I was missing. As I never new who owner of the woodland or if I was allowed in there I never attempted to have a walk around but now after so many years of wanting to I now have permission so expect more Badger based blogs as this sett is so safe and is one of the biggest I have seen on my local area and last year they watched about 13 Badgers including cubs but the great thing is I am allowed to setup some hides and as I now there in his ground they should be safe from theft so fingers crossed for some great encounters over the next year.

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