Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tawny Owl box arrives - Time for some upgrades

A few days ago the Tawny Owl box I ordered arrived and as I did not see the measurements I was suprised how big it was and as I bought it in forest green so it should fit into the woodland perfectly and the Tawny Owls that have been hanging around the area should discover it pretty quickly as they are there mosts day when take a wander through the woods I can't wait to add the cameras to box. For now I will add 2 cameras one facing down into the box and the other facing the entrance and then once they start using I can add an extra box over the door at the bottom to fit at camera right on where the Tawnys will lay there eggs. I have all the cameras and components so I will get cracking on the upgrades and it should be up at the woodland by the end of next week and to monitor the box I will put a cheap camera trap facing the entrance of the box on a nearby a tree to capture a photo of any visitors to TOB1 (TAWNY OWL BOX 1).


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  1. Looks like a nice piece of kit Mike... which woods are you placeing it in. I had great views of a Tawny at Moore NR a couple of winters ago and got some images digiscoping.

  2. It's going to be very heavy once completed but I am sorry to say its not at Marbury park due to it being to difficult to get to and due to work I don't fancy heading down there everyday carrying kit back and forth. So I have decided to focus on bird box cameras/rafts around Middlewich it makes more sense as it means I don't have to go far so I can check and modify them anytime.

  3. Nice piece of kit indeed! And such a beautiful Owl! Makes me think of getting an Owl box for here.!

  4. It is I just hope they move in and I can film them in my small woodland as they are the most common Owls in the uk but they are not really seen very often so its great to find a pair so close to my house.