Wednesday 25 June 2014

Peri Peri Peregrines on the North Wales coast

One encounter I had at the end of my trip on the N.W coast was finding a Peregrine family while eating our dinner which was Peri peri Chicken drumsticks which are a favorite of mine and after eating I through the bones into the thick gorse bush for the local Ravens and Foxes. While taking a walk by some coastal cliff paths we found 5 young Peregrines and 2 adults and to keep them safe there location shall remain secret. While watching the sea for Dolphins we ended up hearing the call that I recognized from previous years and it drives the sea birds into a panic and on this occasion it was an adult with prey which attracted all the fledglings in to get some food . Over the last few days of my holiday the chicks had only just fledged and as they stay with there parents for about 8 weeks to learn there aerial skills to feed themselves so I wanted to make the most of this encounter to get some close up views and photographs of them in action. I cannot return there till September 2014 and by then the fledglings will probably be gone.
One of the adults hunting along the Sea bird cliffs
Practicing there hunting skills
3 Young Peregrines on there cliff top launch pad
2 more young Peregrines from the same family were also perched on the cliffs looking down onto the sea birds flying below
These two kept tumbling and locking talons as they flew over the sea
Blue sky flight over the sea
  This was one of the best encounters from my 2 week holiday and in between swimming in the sea in the lovely warm, clear water of the Irish sea (believe it or not) the family of ultimate aerial hunters only added to my love for the area and made coming home last Saturday even harder. I had a few other encounters with birds of prey over the first week of my trip and tomorrow I will post about them.
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Photograph taken from a cave at the Great Orme at Llandudno's West shore
 The Lost world
Ps. Peri peri Chicken attracts Perigrines ;-)

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