Monday 21 May 2012

Visiting a local farm

 At the weekend I was invited to a farm which I visited a few years ago and for some reason I never went back so I thought it was about time to visit and have a look to see if I could see the Tawny Owl chicks that were spotted by the farms owner unfortunately we had no luck as they were hiding under the Ivy against the tree trunk. 
We did see the Tawny adults flying back and forward to the tree where they were branched. As we got no photos of the Owls here's a few of there dog who suddenly appeared and joined us on our walk around the rest of the farmland.
My brother Ryan and our little guide around the 
farm Smidge who disappeared as quickly as he appeared.
I hope to return there this week sometime to do some timelapse 
over the fields from a high point of view.

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